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words from the one-dimpled wonder

it's been awhile, and this is gonna be a long one, i'm sure.

things have been kinda crazy since i last updated. i was ignoring gary, he didn't notice until kelsey pointed it out to him. he called friday night while he was driving home to apologize. and he did. he went home for his nephew's blessing. i was over at audri's hanging out with marshal, brian, celia, and audri. it was pretty fun and out of control. jonathon showed up too. but the boys finally left and we got to have a little girl talk until about 3am. it was really nice to talk to some fairly normal, intelligent, somewhat liberal individuals for a change. too bad i went back to my house to the freshman invasion. was i ever that giddy? i don't remember. but probably.

saturday morning (after 4.5 hours of sleep) janna and i loaded up the trips and hit the road for boise. it wasn't too bad. i drove the first shift and the kids were really good. we got to boise in about 5 hours. and janna and i had a chance to catch up between handing out juice boxes and picking up dropped toys. we got to my house and the kids went berserk. which is the normal reaction for my house. that's what happens to my brother-in-law too. elyse and josh did come over and play with the kids for awhile. it was a madhouse. and i was SO tired. dad made crepes and we had strawberries and real whipped cream for them. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM. it REALLY REALLY doesn't get ANY better than THAT. mmmmm some more. but everyone was pooped so at 9ish everyone was headed to bed and i was headed out the door with spencer. we went to 8 mile. i really liked it. of course, i have a huge crush on eminem, so it's understandable. mmmmm. and it was a really well-made film. i was impressed. spence was good too. i'm not sure what's going on there... i just can't tell how i feel about ANYTHING these days. it's maddening. i mean, i think i could like him, but it's too soon after the carly thing and i almost feel like he has to have someone all the time. definitely not the role for me.

church was at 8am on sunday. goo. no one should have to be up that early on sunday. but it was fun. i really really love the home ward. it's like one big family, they're always so excited to see me and ask about things. there were a lot of them at the baptism, too, which was really awesome. i took a nap sunday afternoon thru harry potter and then kids running around slamming doors and screaming bloody murder. did i mention i was tired? the baptism was so neat. josh and eric both got dunked and the primary room was stuffed full of people. my fam and mike and sharon with janna and the kids took care of our fam, but our ward was there, some couples from elyse and josh's ward, and some folks from eric's ward/school/wrestling team made a huge mass of people. josh and eric's family were there too-- their younger bro, mom, and dad with girlfriend and i think some of their aunts. it was really cool. a lot of missionaries too. cade gave a talk and i was absolutely blown away. he bore his testimony in sacrament meeting and then the talk -- i couldn't believe this was the same punk kid that tortured kara for years. it's so neat to see what the prophet has been talking about with the youth. i know i'm still in that category ("youth") but i'm just not like THAT. he sounded like an elder's quorum pres or something. he challenged josh to take elyse to the temple in a year and eric to go on a mission when he turns 19 (about a year). wow. so i cried. elyse and camille sang ryan's arrangement of "bring the world his truth" and kara was the chorister. dad baptized josh and mom and i cried. it was so unbelieveable. the bishop and stake pres were there and the bishop had some really cool things to say. i think elyse and josh will both be a lot happier now. i haven't seen them that happy for a long time. elyse is starting to show and things should be falling into place for them a little bit better now. i've been looking at maternity clothes for elsie. i know the kid will have plenty to wear. i just wish they wouldn't sell out to the pink and blue. i will refuse. but, it's their kid and they aren't psycho about socially constructed gender roles like i am. they're probably better off that way, anyway. janna and i left boise at 8pm hoping the kids would sleep the whole way back. yah, like we could be so lucky.

monday i skipped class and goofed around all day. fhe was going to the choir concert. it was really nice to be back in fhe, i missed my family. the concert was okay, i remembered why i never went to them, though. gary pissed me off.

tuesday i skipped class and goofed around all day. i went to the grocery store and to work. i like work so much better when i only have to be there for 4 hours and can be home at 8. carn and i went to borders to "study"-- yah right. gary came over and i'm not mad anymore. we're back to normal. if there is such a thing for us.

now i'm at school. i went to class and i have a test next hour. did i study? not really, no. i could just skip it because she only counts 3 of the 4 tests, but i think i'll go bs it anyway. i'll probably get a B. i don't have to work tonight, but i really do need to get some homework done. i'm making steak and mushrooms for dinner. just for fun. gary invited himself, go figure.

i miss beth. she's supposed to call this week. fingers crossed....
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