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you're my baby, you're just another girl

uhm, where to start.
nowhere really.
still confused about where i stand on just about everything except thin mint girl scout cookies. mmmmm.
for example, gary and i still have not talked. well, had "the talk" even though we were inseperable yesterday. still no talk, but a sublime voicemail while i was at work:

"hey jensie, gary calling you. i just wanted to apologize tell ya i was sorry if you thought that i was angry with ya. i wasn't necessarily angry, just a little irritated. uhm, but i'm sorry if it made you feel bad or whatever. again i apologize, i know i'm a jerk sometimes. give me a call when you get off work. thanks jensie, buh bye."

hm. he tickled my back in sacrament meeting for 20 mins. and then put his arm around me. i should just wear a perma-confused sign. it's good though, it distracts me from all the other psychotic things i tend to think about.


and frequently beth, who, by the way, is in ireland as we speak with jo. have i mentioned lately that I HATE MY LIFE? yup. thought so. well i'm going to bed. i'm pooped.
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