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i like you just the way you are

it's later.
i invested.
i'm so scared.

he's so great, but i still don't know.
carly and i had a therapy session today. it really helped, actually. to sit and process why i'm having trouble accepting tyrell's affection. really great. tonight was better. i wanted to be with him and didn't mind the touching like i have before. he kissed me.

i can still smell him on me... i'm so scared.

i should go to bed now. i just wanted to give a little update. i'm happy. i really am. i told him everything and he said that he likes me just the way i am. he likes me because i'm real. i like him because he likes me even though i'm out of control, emotional, and a feminist. i like him despite the fact that he doesn't know what he's going to do with his life. i like him because he's honest and one-of-a-kind. he's not a cookie cutter utah boy. he has independent thought and isn't afraid of what i'll think. he wants to be a rock star, and it's actually really endearing.

and even though i have no NO labido, tonight i wanted to kiss him. so i did.

but i'm so scared.
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