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the very worst part of you is me

let one guy touch your boobs and the next thing you know he's telling you that he loves you. oops. double oops. i mean, i like the kid, i really do. but we're barely a month into this thing. we can't go spouting the l-o-v-e word. the next thing you know he'll want me to get a dress and meet him at the temple. nuh-uh. maybe someday. MAYBE. keyword. MAYBE and SOMEDAY are the key words. someone tell me what to do. he said love you baby and i said thanks. i guess i could've said it back, but i don't want to and i'm not ready yet. so, to avoid blowing smoke up his ass-- i said thanks. yikes. i'm so tired and finally recovering from last week with the families (his and mine). not to mention the twitterpation. i was about to kill myself. i think i'm over it now. almost. i think i'm going to bed. hopefully i can sleep and not replay the whole horrid moment over and over.
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